Amarjit "Sid" Sidhu, President

photo of Amarjit Sidhu, director, management services

Mr. Sidhu received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Agronomy from the Punjab Agricultural University. Mr. Sidhu worked as Assistant Agronomist at the university, where he taught classes and managed research projects.

In 1978, Mr. Sidhu emigrated to the United States where he earned a graduate degree in Systems Science with an emphasis in Environmental Protection and Management from the University of Louisville, in Kentucky.

Mr. Sidhu has worked for governmental regulatory agencies, private consulting and management companies, and the American Automobile Manufacturers Association where he managed air quality regulatory issues until the dissolution of AAMA in 1998.

He is a certified hazardous materials manager (CHMM) and an ISO 14001 lead auditor. Some examples of his project experience are:

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